Why do this?

If you want a short answer, tough!! Lol!

I’ve wanted to do this since the early 90’s when a documentary. About several children who had been bought over to the UK and then they filmed their return to Chernobyl to see the children’s homes and meet the families.

It really had an effect on me.  I can still see the housing, the look of gratitude on the parents faces (not that he not I did it for that) and the facts are still burned in my mind.  4 weeks in the UK with clean air, soil, water and food extends their lives by up to 10 YEARS!!!!!  TEN YEARS? That one month away can have that big an effect stuck with me.  People don’t realise that parts of the UK were still effected by the fall out last year!  We’re thousands of miles away and farmers can’t sell their sheep because they’ve grazed on soil that has radiation levels that are too high.

The reactor at the Chernobyl plant exploded in the early hours of the morning on 26th April 1986.  Because no one can get close to it is still leaking radiation.  That radiation gets into the soil, air, rain, water.  Then the people grow food in that soil, water them with radiation filled water, then harvest and eat them.  The radiation changes their DNA, causes birth defects, cancer and early death.

Now you see why it stuck with me.  How could it not?  I grew up in the UK with clean (ish!) air, soil and fresh, safe food.  I didn’t go to bed hungry.  I still have my grandparents alive (and a Grt Aunt and Uncles who are over 100!!!) The life expectancy is 35-45 yrs in the areas around Chernobyl.  I spoke to someone who has been there and she said what hit her was there was no old people there and children almost expect to lose one or both parents when they’re young.  My daughter expects me to see her grow up and I’m planning to be at least a grannie possible Grt grannie!!  The thought that I wouldn’t be here for all that is devastating.

So, I left home, married, had a kid and got on with my life.  Always having the thought in the back of my head.  Then one day my daughter came home saying her friend was having two girls to stay from ‘a funny named place where that nuclear place blew up’!! (She’ll kill me for putting that as she was about 6 or 7 at the time!!!!).  We sat down and I told her why the girls were at her friends and that I’d always wanted to do it too.  She said she’d like to do it too but we didn’t have a spare room to do anything about it.

Now we’ve moved, daughter (who I will call DD from now on!  Will put a code at the bottom of Who Are We page!) Is a teenager and we’re in the position to have all summer free.  Hubby (DH!) Had a message on Facebook from an old school friend who was connected to a local Chernobyl Charity.  They got chatting and one thing led to another and I found myself calling the local coordinator and booking an appointment for her to see us!

That was last week (Feb 2013) and we’re now booked for our first kids to come this summer!!!

These children come with very little as they’re so poor.  Please look at our Wanted page but also contact your local branch to see if they need anything if you’re having a clear out.  Remember just because you don’t want/use something doesn’t mean others wouldn’t be grateful for it.

Thank you!