Who are we?

Who is anyone?!  Just kidding!  I’m not getting deeply philosophical here, this is a short piece about my family.

We are a ‘normal’ family, whatever that is!  We really aren’t anything special, just mum, dad and teenager.  We enjoy the usual stuff, reading, TV, computers.  We’ve got a house full of pets and hearts full of love (try to keep your lunch down!!)

We’ve got great friends who are all there for us as we’re always there for them.  We’d help anyone as we believe you get what you give in life.

Who’s who code

I’m giving you my first name as you’ll need it if you send items but you don’t need to know anyone else’s name so I’m going to use Internet chat room code for other people.

I understand not everyone knows the codes so I’ll post a list now and add to it as necessary!

Code. Who is it?

DH. Husband
DD. Daughter
DHD1. 1st Host Daughter
DHD2. 2 Host Daughter
DHDM1 1 Host Daughter’s Mum
MIL. Mother in law
FIL. Father in law
SIL. Sister in law
BIL. Bother in law
SILH. Sister in laws husband
BILW. Brother in laws wife
N1 to 7. Niece. Eldest to youngest!
NP1. Eldest Nephew
NP2. Youngest Nephew
DDBF. Daughters best mate
BM. My best mate who I’ve known 24+ yrs!
GP1 & 2. Pet Guinea pigs one and two!! Lol!