Thank you for visiting or little blog!  If you’ve not been invited here then this isn’t going to make much sense to you so I’ll try to explain the who, what and why!!

February 2013 we made a big decision I’ve been thinking about for over 20 years.  We decided to host two children from Chernobyl for a month over the summer.  This blog is for me to explain why we decided to do it, keep a record of what’s going on and give people a chance to to help out if they’d like.

One thing I will say is I will not be giving any details of my location on here nor will I be posting names or photos.  If you want to help you can email me and I can give you the details of the charity shop where you can drop things off.  Sorry if this seems extreme but I have to protect the identity of the children as well as protect my family.

All that said please if you can help do!!!!  The list page will be updated as items come in or as we think of more things we need.  Don’t worry about doubling up, what we don’t use we will pass on to other host families or if suitable we’ll send them home with the kids for other siblings.

If you’re still here, thank you!  I’m not the best at explaining things but I try my best.  I’ll try to keep this blog fun but my main aim is to raise some awareness of what is going on in the Ukraine and how people can help here in the UK.  You don’t need to be rich to help, time and second hand stuff is more valuable in my mind.  Anyone can set up a direct debit!  Sorting out unwanted items and thinking about others means much more to those that receive it.

Thank you