What is it with people and phones???????!

OK I have this bug with ringing phones.  If I hear one it has to be answered.  I guess it goes back to working as a trainee and if it wasn’t answered I was shouted at!! Lol!

Any way, I’ll start with the beginning of the day and then my rant about phones will be clear!

DHD1 told me on Friday that her dream was to ride a horse.  Saturday my friend told me if I could get her to the stables this morning she could do it.  So our plan to go to the beach was delayed!  The girls got ready for the beach, I hid trousers and trainers in the car!  Thank gawd we live in the UK and the weather changes a lot.  I hid it all under their coats and said they might need coats later! 
So off we went to ‘the beach’ neither girl having any clue what was going on!  We got to the stables and they looked totally bemused.  They couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Then DH said ‘you like horses, would you like to ride one?!’.

DHD1 looked at me stunned!  She thought it was a joke until I said ‘happy birthday, it’s true!’. There was a look of total happiness and then sudden fear!!!! Lol!!

My friend tacked up the horse while DHD1 got changed.  She went out and got on the horse.  She was really nervous but off they went.  She was led around the yard then off down the road. 

Ages later she came back with the biggest smile on her face! She’d loved it.  She came off the horse and gave me, then DH, then DD the biggest hug ever!!! She was over the moon!!!

DHD2 wasn’t impressed.  In fact I think she was a little nervous!  Give her her due she got on the horse!!! She only went round the yard.  She wasn’t interested in doing any more! Lol!!

So dream ‘wished’!  Off to the beach.  I knew it was going to be a long drive.  We were going to West Bay in Dorset (Where Broadchurch was filmed!) To meet up with my old mate.  We got going and the sat nav said 2 hours 27 mins.  Oh I wish!!!  Accident on the motorway meant lanes closed and big tail backs.  It took over 3 hours.

Got there and had an amazing day.  They swam in the Sea (yrs it was very very cold!) They loved it!  I had a good old chat with my old mate and life was good.

We left aiming to be back by 8.30 so DHD1 could phone home.  No! The traffic gods were against us!! 10 mins down the road and we got the first accident.  Road Closed, follow diversions.  OK a little delay, no problem!  30 mins later, Road Closed, follow diversions again.  OK, this isn’t funny but not too bad.   Another 20 mins ROAD CLOSED!!!!  OK this isn’t funny any more!!  In the end we didn’t get home until 9.45pm. 

Note the rant!  I get is 11.45pm in Ukraine but if my phone was ringing and my daughter was away I’d run and answer it!  Did they?  NO!!!!  Nor did they for the next 30 minutes!!!  In the past we’ve had to call DHD2’s parents and get them to tell DHD1’s parents to answer the phone but as it was so late I didn’t think it was a good idea.  If it had been an emergency I’d of done it but this wasn’t.

So here I have a little girl who’s had the birthday of her dreams and she’s in tears because she can’t talk to her mum!!  Right.  She’s my baby now too and no one makes her cry!!

I go through everything until I find the profile the charity sent me (note to future self.  NEVER lose those profiles!!! Lol!) I remember there being another number on there that I couldn’t figure out what it was.  Sometime suggested it was mobiles and that’s what I was counting on!  I dig out the folder and got the code for Korosten, I dial the number, it rings.  Then some one answers!!!  ‘Oh s**t’ goes through my head! I done speak any Russian and neither kid is any where near me!!!!!

I say hopefully ‘is ******** there?’ (* is DHD1’s mama!) I get a reply from a man!!!  I say her name again and he repeats whatever he said!!  In total desperation I shout down the phone ‘DON’T HANG UP!’ and DHD1’s name!! I then run across the house and shout for her, she comes running totally confused!!! I virtually throw the phone at her and say ‘it’s papa’ hoping it is!!!!! Lol!!

Turned out it was Papa and Mama was there too.  She told them all about the horse ride, they thought it was a joke! Lol!  She said everything else she’d done then calmed down.  She gave me a big hug and said ‘I love you Mama’.  I told her I loved her and I’ll do anything for my daughters.

So all the tears had gone.  Everyone went to bed with the McD’s we picked up on the way home (dinner time was on the road!) And things have calmed down again!!!

Let that be a lesson to you!  Check out package deals on your phone.  I’m with Virgin and I can call Any where for 400 minutes a month.  That includes Ukraine and Ukrainian mobiles!!  Thank gawd!!!  I’ve not had to stop and think.  I’ve just let them call when they want too.  But watch out.  If your kids ate home sick calling home too often can make things worse.

Well it’s now midnight and I’ve got another busy day in the morning so I’d better upload this and get to sleep!!!  Just needed to rant about the phone and share the rest!  Hopefully it’s going to be the birthday she’ll remember forever.