How can one letter bring so much happiness?!!

After a horrible 2 weeks (personal issues not because of hosting!!) I had the biggest ray of sunshine ever!  A letter from DHD1!!!!

It’s the best thing I’ve had in a long time.  I was worried I’d never hear from either of them again.  I know they said they would but you know what girls are like!!!!  I have friend on Facebook from when I was 4 but until Facebook came along we hadn’t spoken since I was 11 and moved away.  We promised we’d write but never did!  So I half expected it to be the same with the girls but the letter from DHD1’s mum makes me think otherwise now.

DHD1 is fine.  Missing everyone and send love to everyone.  Her mum says she’s talked about us and her holiday every day.  She even said she’d love for us to come and stay with them!!!  If I had the money if fly over today!!! I miss her so much and get mum seems so lovely.  They both want to keep in touch and even asked when our birthdays were so they can write to us then!  Looks like we’ve got more family members!!!! Lol!!

I’ve got a lot on at the moment so I’m waiting until January then I’ll start fundraising to get her back over.  If start today but I’ve got other things going on.  I’m so lucky to have amazing friends who have promised to fundraise for me.  I tell you good friends are worth more than any lottery win!!!!!

I found out this week that all children in Korosten have yearly health checks which involve blood tests for cancer.  Which means DHD1’s bruises are due to lack of vitamins and not anything more serious.

I had a long chat with Dennis at CCLL and he told me the only fruit or vegetables they have is the yearly harvest that happens in September.  Plus they’re advised to separate the cream from the milk and throw away the ‘watery’ part then dilute the cream with boiled water.  This removes 60-70% of the radiation.  This means that they rarely drink milk (and explains why DHD2 was so reluctant to drink it, wish I’d known that before!)  it explains the nail flecks and bruises. 

This also made me realise how little I know about Korosten and what is like living there.  I should of known about the harvest and how no fruit is imported.  I should of known about the yearly health checks the children had.  I should of known about the fear they have of milk.   I’m now determined to find out all these things and what else I don’t know before I host again next year.  So lots of homework for me!!!  I’ll post what I learn.

Before I do my ‘homework’ I’ve got letters to write.  One to DHD1 and one to DHDM1! (DHD Mum 1!)

Catch you later!!


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