Oh so quiet.

The house is so quiet.  We’ve gone from a busy house of 5 back to the 3 of us.  It’s strange not having them here.  It’s going to take a while to get used to.

Spoke to them both on the phone.  I arranged a time to call before I left (I recommend this as a, they don’t always answer the phone and b, it’s easier than trying to explain down the phone who you are!) DHD2 was happy to be home.  She’s very much a daddies girl and missed him loads.  I wish I could say the same of DHD1.  She cried and said she missed us over and over.  No amount of ‘but you’re home with mama and papa now’ consoled her. I know why.  In not saying as it’s private to her but I understand fully why she feels this way and once she’s old enough if she still feels the same way I’ll suggest she applies for a visa and comes here.  I’m saving now.

A few days ago I had thoughts of never doing this again.  I didn’t feel I could cope with the goodbyes but DH reminded me of something the Chairman said when we first discussed doing this.  ‘You always get starched to the first ones’ she said.  So I’m guessing she’s right as she just hosted her 16th kid and she’s not gone totally mad! (It’s OK she’d be the first to say she mad!!!! Lol!!) So my plan is to host 2 more girls next year and raise the money to get DHD1&2 the following year.  Or in the mean time I could win the lottery! Hey there a chance!!! OK it would be higher if I remembered to buy a ticket!!! Lol!

So, if you’ve read the blog this far you must have thoughts of hosting?  As someone who’s done it I’d say DO IT!  The heartbreak of goodbye is far outweighed by the joy you get when they’re here and the more that do it the more kids we can help.

To those who say ‘it’s not our problem’ I say it could of been.  I grew up near Selefield, who’s to say someone couldn’t of made the mistake they made at Chernobyl at 1.10am on 26th April 1986?  The plant is still leaking, it could be our children suffering from the leak not theirs.  Please help.  Don’t let this be swept under the international carpet.

I found out something interesting last night.  I was looking up Korosten and I found out it’s a ‘recommend evacuation area’.  This basically means they should leave but no one is going to help them or pay for new homes.  The people of Korosten have no choice but to live in an area of high radiation as they can barely afford to travel let alone move.

Imagine someone came to your home and told you to move, but they weren’t going to give you another home, not help you to move and you certainly weren’t going to get financial help!  What would you do?  Do you have the money to buy a new house? New belongings? What about the cost of travel? Do you have that spare?  That’s what they face.  It explains a lot.

April next year there will be another Chernobyl Awareness week.  If you don’t feel you can host please help out CCLL.org.UK raise awareness.  If you want any more details feel free to contact me too.


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