Thank you!

There had been loads of tears today.  We were all fine until we got to the airport then the floodgates opened for all four of us girls!! 

Coming home from Gatwick was the worse journey ever.  We had to leave the girls not knowing if we’d ever see them again.  I have to be honest I didn’t turn around after we left them.  I couldn’t.  I knew it would hurt too much.

I know there are people who will say I was being stupid but you try taking two amazing girls into your family for four weeks then leave them not knowing if you’ll ever see them again.  If you can do it and not care/worry about them your not human!

Now my head is a little clearer.  I’ve gained so much from them.  They don’t want things like kids here do.  They need things and are grateful for them.  My friend gave them 2 CDs each yesterday.  Neither of them had ever owned any music!  DHD2’s brother has an old PC and he downloads old songs but DHD1 has only ever listen to the radio!  She knows Justin Bieber (neither are fans! In fact ‘you’re Mrs Bieber’ became a regular insult!! Lol!) She’s never had her own music to play.  They were over the moon to get these CDs!  Kids in the UK would look at it and moan they already had those ones.

I am a firm believer things happen for a reason.  I’ve had a lot of set backs in my life but I look at each one as being a way to change my life’s direction.  Now I believe these girls came to help me open my eyes and see what I need to do next.

I want to know what Korosten NEEDS not like here where kids want the latest Xbox (Sorry DH for stealing your metaphor!!!) I want to know what the Doctors, schools, kids etc all need and then I want to talk to local schools, doctors, hospitals, dentist, businesses and groups and make sure everyone knows what’s going on over there and how this radiation is affecting lives.  Is not just the radiation leaking but the plant was a major employer so now it’s shut there’s no jobs.  Children are going without medical care because there’s no money to pay for it! Yes everyone knows about Putin and Stephen Fry’s letter about Gay Rights but what’s the point of gay rights if over the border in the Ukraine kids are dying of preventable disease in the 21st century!??! 

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line has been working for 20 years to help these children and the local areas but who knows about the work they’ve done our what needs to be done?? 

Yes I know charity begins at home but I don’t have much money and I can help!  By having those two girls here for 4 weeks they’re lives have been extended by 2 to 10 YEARS!! That’s just by having them here.  So the Swindon Link of CCLL have helped 18 children this summer.  You get a few host in EVERY village and town and think about how many kids you could help? 

Add to that all the out of date medicine, bandages, dressings, test tubes, needles etc that get throw out in your local hospital, doctors surgery, even employers first aid kits that are throw out every year.  I remember years ago my employer throwing out carrier bags of it off date bandages because you can’t use them past their use by date because they ‘may not be sterile’.  Trust me in Korosten where they routinely remove teeth without any pain relief or anaesthetic they don’t care about use by dates!!  So why not ship them over?

I’m hoping I can talk some local groups into ‘pairing up’ with schools, doctors etc over there and sending books, pens, medical supplies.  But first I need to talk to someone who knows what’s needed over there.  Then I know exactly who needs what and where.

In the mean time I have a promise to keep.  I was begged to promise that DHD1 would see us again.  That’s a promise I’m going to keep.  It cost at least £500 for one returnee.  Both girls want to come back so that’s £1000 minimum I need to raise.  So I’m going to think about fund raising.  If any one has any ideas or better still donations!!! Please contact me.  I have two beautiful girls who need to come back not only for their health but for everyone mental health as they’re part of my family as well as their own!

If I can’t make Korosten a better place to live, I’m damn sure I’m going to make their lives better!!!

I have to. They’ve opened my eyes and sent me on my ‘next road’. For which I say thank you girls, from the bottom of my heart…



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