This is it..

.. Time for goodbyes 😥

I can’t believe the time has gone so fast.  For weeks seems like no time.

We’ve had tears.  They don’t want to go home, we don’t want them to go! I just keep reminding them they’re family is really missing them and wants them home.

5 days ago DHD1 showed me her bruises.  I didn’t realise how bad things were.  I’ve watched her since and the slightest knock and she gets a big colourful bruise.  I’m very concerned.  If I’d seen it sooner is of got her to a doctor over here.  I’ve spooked to the chairman and she says to tell their leader so she can make sure ant medical checks that are needed are done when they get home.  I’ve got a very nasty feeling I know what it is but I’m hoping it’s a simple vitamin deficiency.  When she came her nails were very weak and covered in calcium deficiency flicks so I think she’s missing a lot of vitamins. With any luck that’s all this is too.

The next few days are going to be very hard but we’ll get there.  Thanks to these two amazing girls I am so much more prepared for next time.  Time to prepare for the next lot I guess!


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