Home sickness strikes

First real tears tonight.  DHD1 came close the first night when we couldn’t reach her mum (FYI they don’t answer their phones!!) Tonight they were tired and wanted to call home.  Again DHD2 got through first time.  No such joy for DHD1.  She tried and tried but there was no answer.  She came in and told me DHD2’s mum was going to tell her mum she was calling so she would answer but I think it was the final straw.  She burst into tears.  I gave her a big cuddle and said it was OK to miss mum and that I was sure mum was missing her as I’d miss Teri if she was away.  I then said she could tell her mum all about her new glasses and how we’re picking them up on Tuesday, plus she could tell her she was going to the beach tomorrow and that she’d been shopping and got lots of nice things for the party and wedding.  She cheered up a little and tried her mum again.

10 minutes later she’s spoken to mum, cheered up and heading out to walk the dog with DH!  Sometimes a hug and chat with mum is all it takes!!

The dentist went really well.  DD went in with DHD2 and she was fine.  No work needed.  She just need to be careful when brushing.  It turned out DHD1 was bottling it all up!  She was scared too!!!  She still went in OK and she was fine too.  No fillings here!!  Unfortunately not all were so lucky.  2 kids need to go back for fillings in adult teeth and a few more had small fillings in baby teeth. 

Tomorrow we’re getting the train to the beach. So tonight it’s early night ready for a big day tomorrow!!


Day 6!

Well I can’t say this is true of all kids but these two have taken 6 days to settle in fully!  Their true characters have come out today!!!

DHD1 is cheeky, girly and loves attention and cuddles.  DHD2 is quieter, more ‘rock chic’ than girly and no so sure about herself but push her and you’ll know it!!! As one boy found out at the pool today.  Thought I was going to have to swim like mad and stop a punch up but she walked away before that!!!

They’re what I expected but not what I expected at the same time!  I was told to expect very girly girls.  They are but they’re also very clue up.  Not as mentally young as I thought they would be.

Today we went swimming.  Oh my word am I tired!!!!  I set it all up using old contacts so I was worried in case it went wrong. I didn’t need to worry.  The Rec in Highworth were truly amazing!!  We nearly took over a session there was so many of us!  They didn’t mind and they were amazing with the kids. 

DHD1 had never swam before so I was a little worried but she was fine! She took to it like a duck to water.  By the end she was jumping in and doggie paddling across the pool! 

DHD2, oh where to start?!!!  Yes she’s swam before and can swim very well.  In fact she was so confident she was diving in!! Not from the side, nor the spring board but from THE HIGH DIVE BOARD!!! Oh my gawd!!!!  I couldn’t look.  She was jumping from so high.  She loved it.  Luckily I knew she was safe with the staff.  We’ve been swimming there for years so knew they’d look after the kids.  Is just knowing you’re taking care of someone else’s kid and they trust you to care for them and then they jump from that height!!! Lol!!

DD and I spoke to DHD2 about the dentist and she seems much better about it.  I just hope she doesn’t need any work.  Or all this ‘it’s just a look’ goes out the window and I really need to talk to her!!!!

All in all I think this is going really well.  If you’re thinking about hosting I would say do it!!!  Make the first few days as busy as possible then plan a few days of free time.  Take tomorrow after the dentist.  We had plans to meet up with DD friends but the link threw in an ice cream party at the last minute.  We used Google translate and explain the plans and they chose.  They decided they wanted to stick with the plans with DD friends.

Things are looking good here.  Fingers crossed still for tomorrow!!!!


OK DHD2 is very scared of the dentist.  Yesterday we told them they were going and she panicked.  Now I’m torn.  Do I talk to her about it and risk a miscommunication or do I leave it and hope she’s OK?? She’s not spoken about it to me so I don’t want to push it.

The problem is dentist in the Ukraine are very very basic.  They don’t use anaesthetic and often pull teeth or drill with nothing.  I’m guessing she’s had work or knows someone who has.  Part of me says go and talk to her but part says leave it.  I’m not sure if something is wrong or if I’m seeing problems that aren’t there! In good at that!!! Lol!

Any way today is swimming!  DHD2 says she can swim but DHD1 says she can’t and I’m not sure if she’s ever been.  I can swim and so can DD so she can go with DHD2 while I stay with DHD1.  If it goes well I’m going to try and take them again and maybe even teach her to swim before she goes back.

Fingers crossed it goes OK tomorrow.

I love Swindon Specsavers Staff!!!!

I can’t thank the staff at specsavers enough!  They’ve been truly amazing today.

They very kindly tested all 18 children and the 3 leaders.  It was total chaos at the start but between the staff and myself we got all the kids booked in and tested.  13 of the 18 needed glasses.  So that was the next hurdle! Choosing glasses.  It took ages!  Then the measuring and fitting.  After 3 very long hours I could escape!  Both my girls need glasses so is back next week to pick them up. One isn’t keen but she’ll come round!

Today has been a real break through day.  DD and DHD’s have both been getting on really well.  Their like 3 sisters!!  I love hearing them giggling together!!!!  It’s like one big family.

I’m sure I’ll have days when I’ll think why did I do this but today I’m so glad I did. 

Teething problems!!

OK so I’m doing this to convince others to host so I can’t just post the good bits!!  Not that the bad have been bad so far!

The girls are so polite they didn’t touch anything in the bedroom! I told them it was all theirs but they didn’t understand so I’ve gone in and told them to get everything out and rummage!!!  I virtually threw pens and paper at them and said ‘use!’ Lol!!  We’ll get there!  Luckily DHD1 (Dear Host Daughter! Can’t keep calling them the girls! Lol!) Speaks good English.  Only basic but enough to understand most things.  So I said I understood they must be sad and miss this’d mum’s but I want them to be happy.  She said she understood and gave me a hug.  I hope they did.  I don’t want them sad.

Oh and I stuffed up on the phone thing!!!!!  Bought a international calling card from Tesco (the cheapest I found) then last night remembered I have Talk Anywhere on Virgin. So called them and yep I’ve got free minutes to Ukraine!  Oops! Note to self: Next time check! Lol!!!

I think today will be the hardest.  They’re jet lagged and tired after a 12 hour journey yesterday.  I’ve sorted for us to go to the local park and then an early night. 

I’m so glad I did this.  Having the girls here is great.  They’re so lovely.  I’m sure things will work out. I know there’s going to be tough times but we’ll get over them!

They’re here!!!

All 18 kids arrived safely this afternoon after a very long, tiring journey. 

We’ve got two of the most beautiful, kind, helpful and polite girls ever.  We’ve had a quiet evening.  Spent most of it trying to get hold of their mums! In the end we got hold of one mum and she popped round and told the second to answer the phone!!!! 

Everything is going so well right now.  I think they’re a bit over whelmed by it all.  There’s so much to take in.  They’ll get there.

They love the animals!!!  We got a kitten 2 weeks ago so they’re loving playing with him!!  He’s a nutter!!!! They’ve played with him all evening to the point they wore him out!!!! 

Hoping to go out somewhere tomorrow.  Not sure where yet. Depends on the weather.

Can’t believe it’s ….

… less than 2 weeks!!!!!  Where on earth did time go?  Well if we’re not ready now we never will be!!

There are 4 girls with birthdays while they’re here so I’m trying to sort a traditional birthday party for them.  Things looked a bit tight but my husband is on a Facebook page called Mad Chat.  It’s for fans of Madness to chat.  They’re an amazing bunch and have very very kindly raised over £600 for the party!!!! So we’ve booked a room, food, drinks and an amateur dramatics group called The Whole Hog have agreed to come along and entertain everyone so all I’ve got to do is get presents, party bags and prizes (Donations??!!!!). In so pleased!

We had a nightmare last night.  Our canvas wardrobe fell apart!  We’ve got canvas drawers now but there’s clothes piled up on the floor! 😦  never mind!  Them being here is the main thing!

Can’t wait now.  Just hope they like us and get on OK.  Fingers crossed!!!

BTW if you do have any party bits you’d like to donate please take them to the CCLL shop in Old Town, Swindon marked VICKI.  Oh and a note with your name and address so I can say thank you! Ta!!