What about Ukraine kids? ??

Sorry this is going to be a rant!

I’m sat watching TV and in the last 20 mins I’ve seen adverts about kids in Syria and Africa.   Now don’t get me wrong they need help.   Yes I know they’re suffering from war and poverty but what about the kids in Ukraine? ?  They’re living with a ticking time bomb of cancer in a place with no money,  no fresh food and where their parents won’t live to see them grow up and become parents.  

This month my grandmother turned 90, my dad is 60 next month and my grandfather is 94 in July.   I’m lucky enough to still have my grandparents AND to be 38 tomorrow,  most people in the Ukraine would be lucky to make it to 38.  Yet no one’s talking about it.

This will still be happening in 49, 000 years! !!!  Yet in a week of awareness no one is aware! !

Is this because no one’s talking?   No we’re shouting.   It’s because no one’s listening.  Personally I think that’s disgusting.

I emailed the local paper and virtually begged them to cover the story.   They didn’t even bother to reply! !  Who cares if these kids are coming to their town?  Who cares if they need help?  It’s over there and it was 27 years ago! !

I CARE!!!  So do the people in the CCLL.  I hope so do you and that’s why you’re reading this.

In 1 hour I’m 38 and I should be excited about that.   Not angry and upset that no one gives a damn and what I’ve achieved means nothing.   Well I’m making the kids off the Ukraine a promise.   By rememberance week next year people will know and they will care because I’m going to make sure they do.

As for the local paper, thanks for ignoring me.  It makes it clear I’m wasting my time with you and I need to elsewhere to people who do care about local stories and how these things effect local people!

Did warn you it was a rant! !!! 😉


Chernobyl and Fukushima Awareness Week



This year marks the 27th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  27 years may seem like a long time ago.  In that time I’ve grown up, got married and had a kid who’s now older than I was at the time.  Then you realise the plant will leak for 24,000 yrs and it will take another 25,000 years for the levels to drop to a safe point and 27 yrs feels like a drop in a very big ocean.

I feel this year its more important than ever to raise awareness.  We’ve had Fukushima in the news this week with details of how its leaking low levels of radiation into local water.  Iran had an earth quake but luckily it’s plant was OK.  North Korea is threatening nuclear war that President Putin says ‘will make Chernobyl look like a fairy tale’.  Yet most people don’t realise the damage the radiation is still doing.

I’ve spoken to people who think that the radiation has now gone and there’s no worry.  I tell them I know of a farmer in the UK who has only just been able to sell his sheep because of the radiation and there shocked.  Not only did they think it was over but they didn’t realise it spread over here.

Yesterday I was speaking to a teacher who had been to Estonia.  He said he was doing tests for radiation leaks on submarines when a colleague stopped and looked round.  It was only then they realised that everything was dead.  No flowers, no grass, not even animals.  They asked why and were told it was because of Chernobyl.  The radiation killed everything and it still hadn’t grown back.  That was only a few years ago!!

Please visit the site link above and go to the talks if you can or find your local group and support them.  I know money is tight but get in touch with them and offer support if you can.  Host a child, hold a fund raiser, if they have a shop (Swindon do! 95 Victoria Rd!) pop in and buy something or offer to volunteer.  There is always something you can do no matter what your age or abilities!!!!

Most importantly TALK ABOUT IT!!!! Send this page around your friends, get it out there.  Make sure everyone knows what the week is about and don’t let people forget those who live in the radiation zones who suffer ill heath but have no way of escaping.

Please, make the week count.  We need awareness so it NEVER happens again.

Thank you.

Putin’s warning.

You know things are bad when Putin is the voice of reason!! (Click here to read article) He’s right though.

I don’t understand why the world has this obsession with nuclear weapons and power. The stuff is lethal not only to us but for generations after. In 50,000 years if we’re still here people will still be hosting Chernobyl children in the UK because the radiation will STILL be at a dangerous level. Imagine what state we’d be in if we end up with nuclear war?? Whole country’s would be unlivable for millennia after. All for what?? Nothing that’s worth it that’s for sure.

I’m not a full on tree hugger!! Hell I like my car, heating and tech too much!! But we know about wind power, wave power, solar power. Why do we need nuclear power??? And why the hell do we need nuclear weapons any where in the world?? Look at Hiroshima. Imagine loads of those bombs falling. It’s horrendous.

There’s a farmer in the Isle of Man who has been able to sell his sheep for the first time since 1986 due to the radiation from Chernobyl!!! He’s been told if they have a lot of rain he could be stopped again. So for any one who thinks ‘it’s over there, I don’t need to worry’ think again. This radiation is over here and war between Korea and US could mean more travels in the rain clouds and wind causing more areas of unusable land over here.

Sorry to go on! I spent yesterday looking at pics of smiling kids from Chernobyl and now this. It hit home how little people know about Chernobyl and the lasting effects it’s had world wide. I think it’s far too easy to think ‘that was else where’ and ignore it. Please don’t.

End of this month is National Chernobyl and Fucushima week to remind people what happened and educate people so it never happens again.  Please contact your local CCLL.org.uk branch and see if they’re doing anything.  Once you see those faces you will have to help.  Even the hardest heart couldn’t leave those babies abandoned!!

Thank you.

Time’s ticking!!!

Just realised Match has been and gone.  How did that happen??!  Think I blinked and missed it, bit like the rest of this year so far!

I’m pleased to say the closer things get the more certain I am about it.  So far I’ve not had a day when I’ve stopped and thought ‘this is a bad idea’.  I have to say that’s mostly thanks to the chairman, Lynnette.  She said to me that when they go back we’ll be crying as she always is!!  That was my one worry, I know they’re not my kids but while they’re here they’ll be my family so saying goodbye is going to be hard.  I need a lottery win so I can go over there!!! 

I hope that one day my DD will go over there.  I’m sure she’s going to become a host herself when she’s older.  She knows more about Ukraine than I do now!  She’s even learning Russian!  I’m trying to but because of my dyslexia I find learning languages hard.  Never found a way in school to learn.  If anyone knows of one please let me know!!!!  Would love to learn Russian.  I’m hoping that doing this each year I’ll pick up some basic Russian.  Fingers crossed!!

Things have slowed down re the visit.  I think it’s more other things are taking over.  I’ve send loads of letters to different places in the hope they’ll help the charity out.  They’ve all worked so hard for years I want to help out.  Plus I can finally help.  I’ve wanted this for so long, now it’s here I’m running with it.

I set the shop up is own blog!!!  There’s not much on it at the moment but feel free to look!  It’s WWW.Chernobylchildrenscharityshop.WordPress.com going to add more as time goes on.  Maybe a bit about the planning etc, not sure what they want to do with it.

Well I’ve got all three of our birthdays in two weeks so I’ve got to get shopping! What do you buy a 14 yrs old who works so buys her own stuff?!?! Argh!!! Lol!