Thank you! !!!!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all! !!!

I was convinced no one would ever read this blog but I’ve checked the stats and one week I had over 80 people view the site.   I’m stunned.   I didn’t think I’d ever get that many views!

I also need to say a HUGE thank you to a lovely lady who gave us stuff for the girls and then very kindly talked her dad’s band into doing a fund raising night for us! !  Thank you ever so much to you.   You’re a lovely lady and I’m so glad I met you,  it’s a privilege.

That’s kind of why I’ve not posted recently.   Things have been so busy and so much has happened I’ve not had time to post!   Things are coming on leaps and bounds!  

I do have one sad thing to post.   I can’t link here as I’m typing this on my phone but please check out the news for Kiev (Google Kiev and check the news page) At this time of year Kiev usually gets a metre of snow a month.   Yesterday they had that much in 24 hours and it’s still falling.   If it doesn’t stop soon they will have to declare a State of Emergency.

Kiev is 98 miles from the reactor.  That’s no distance when it comes to cold weather.   There’s been a bit in the UK news about us running out of gas.   Now imagine what it’s like with no gas heating,  no insulation,  having to grow your own food.   This is not only going to be a tough winter but a tough year for people who struggle at the best of times.
Please support your local any way you can.   If you’re in North Wiltshire go to Old Town, Swindon and buy something from the shop (95 Victoria Road!)  They’re closed over Easter but will be open before and after.

Thank you x


Suddenly real!

We got the room set up today.  I put the bunk bed up that we’ve been given and made the beds up then put the dolls and teddies we’ve been given in the beds and set up the dolls house we were given.

It hit me what was going on!  I think the last two weeks have been so busy it hadn’t sunk in it was happening and now it had, big time!

We also picked up a load of clothes and toys etc from a lovely lady!  She also sent some dresses that I’m sure the girls will love.

Still amazed at how kind people are.  It’s truly wonderful that strangers can be so kind!!


Not sure what’s happened, I did write two posts but they seem to have disappeared!  I’m new to this so I think I did something wrong!!

Thanks to the lovely people of Swindon we now have 16 children coming this summer!  That’s 16 children given 10 yrs to their lives, 16 children given the chance for their bodies to heal a little, 16 children given a little hope.  It’s brilliant.

Unfortunately it also means the charity needs more money to pay for flights.  It cost about £1000 per child just to get them here!  Please pop into their shop Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline on Victoria Rd, it’s a few doors down from the Adver offices if you know the area! 

The shop has some lovely donated items at the moment.  There’s a glass dinning table and chairs I have my eye on!! Plus items from Chernobyl for sale (Russian dolls, hand made jewelry etc) they’re lovely items and a great alternative Easter Presents!

You can also buy tickets to a dinner dance that’s coming up next week!

News from my house!

We have a mattress!! So now beds are sorted!  Just need quilts now and we have the main thing.  Next is the hunt for clothes, shoes, toys and booster seats.

We’ve also been sent scrap books by a great friend of mine.  They’re perfect for making memory books! 

Another friend has a box of Lego for us and I’m searching Freecycle hourly for toys and clothes!!  Emailed for a dolls house last night.  Not heard anything yet but still keeping my fingers crossed!!

Speaking of Freecycle, I have Gmail, does anyone know if I can set it up so all emails from Freecycle go into one folder?  That way I can go onto individual emails and not digest as its quicker.  Thanks!

So all is going well!  I’m on a hunt for free tickets to local attractions or donations towards cost now.  So look out local businesses!!!! Lol!

Thanks again for reading and sorry the other posts didn’t make it.  A definite ‘must try harder’ moment!! Lol!